Publication Date

Spring 5-2023


School of Business


Business Administration


Romania, poverty, interwar period, World War II, communism, post-communist transition, contemporary poverty, in-work poverty, rural poverty, racialized poverty, segregated poverty, education, job opportunities, discrimination, government, alleviating poverty, training programs, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, public services, poverty reduction, challenges, Roma


Economic History | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Labor Economics | Macroeconomics | Political Economy | Public Economics


Romania is a country with a high-income economy that is experiencing considerable growth following its economic reforms of earlier decades. With growth, tendencies for an unequal society are prevalent. Therefore, appropriate economic policies that are specifically targeted toward bottlenecks are essential. This thesis seeks to outline the major types of poverty in Romania while also offering actionable entrepreneurial and educational insights that practically combat poverty at its roots.