Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


School of Music


Music: Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Performance


flute, pedagogy, learning styles, music education, band, orchestra, beginner, instruments, method book


Music Education | Music Pedagogy | Music Practice


The benefits of learning an instrument for childhood development intersecting with the positive growth trend in homeschooled families generates increased demand in value for supporting resources. Creating resources that would include learning styles defined by the VARK model (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic) designed to engage students during their particular developmental stage enhances at-home music education. The compiled research surrounding VARK learning styles and flute specific pedagogy would provide a foundation for specialized flute exercises and activities for fifth to sixth grade students learning to play the flute in a homeschooled or private lesson setting. The structure of the thesis is as follows: a presentation of the purpose for this research, an examination of each learning style in the VARK model, general and critical observations of 10 existing flute method books, and the application of findings resulting in 10 pages of activities and exercises to engage young flutists.