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School of Business; School of Divinity


Business Administration; Global Studies


business as mission, BAM, shell company, cover business, social entrepreneurship, tentmaking, theology of work, transformational business, missional business, kingdom business, business for transformation, B4T, great commission companies


Business | Christianity | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | International Business | Missions and World Christianity | Other Languages, Societies, and Cultures


This thesis discusses the practice of missionaries creating cover businesses solely for visa purposes, which brings a dishonest presence and harms the ministry. In contrast, Business as Mission (BAM) is a strategic business model to bring the gospel overseas through social, economic, and spiritual impact. Through a literature review, best practices for legitimate BAM ventures are explored based on studies done by BAM professionals and experts. Research shows that Christian businesspeople can establish an authentic image and credible witness through BAM businesses that are integrated into the local community, generate a profit, and incorporate biblical principles into business operations. BAM practitioners should have a proper theology of work to model an integrated life of work and ministry for unbelievers.