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Business: International Business


Korea, Korean Culture, Cultural Research, Korean Workplace, Korean-American Workplace, Korean Work Culture, Cross-cultural management, Culture, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Anthropology


Asian Studies | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | International and Intercultural Communication | Other Anthropology | Performance Management | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Training and Development


Among the many trade partners the United States engages with, the Republic of Korea is the nation’s seventh largest trading partner – exchanging over $154.9 Billion in 2020 (USTR, 2021). Despite this strong economic relationship between these two nations, the cultural distance that these societies have is one of the largest within anthropological academia (Hofstede, 2017). This reality creates the need for a solid framework of a management-focused, cultural understanding between these two countries.

In this study, academic literature will be collected and reviewed to lend insight into particular areas of culture that an American and Korean perspective would be most likely to conflict. To increase depth to this study, primary, qualitative research has been conducted within stakeholder populations.