Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


School of Business


Computer Science


Cybersecurity, COVID-19, Cloud Security, Ransomware, Work-From-Home


The world became hardly recognizable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as the normal state of the world was disrupted. In addition to affecting everyday life, the pandemic touched every industry, especially that of cybersecurity. To properly remediate for the future of cybersecurity, the trends in cybercrime seen throughout the pandemic warrant further investigation. An overall increase in cybercrime was clearly observed with no signs of plateauing. This trend was paired with developing sophistication of cybercrime means and methods. In response to this, a defense-in-depth strategy focusing on a layered defense approach strengthens an organization’s security posture. Focusing on every policy and technology implementation to limit attacker impact is the path to security in this post-COVID era. A proactive focus on how to leverage future technologies and methodologies will pave the way to securing the future.