Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Engineering: Mechanical


Graphene oxide, carbon nanofiber, deposition




Graphene oxide (GO) and carbon nanofibers have unique individual properties that could be combined complimentarily to be utilized in a variety of fields. Combining these two materials together into self-standing structures would enable them to maximize their high surface area and electrically conductive properties into applications from lithium batteries to biosensors. This thesis aims to use a two-step process to develop a self-standing carbon nanofiber/GO structure. The first process is the electroless deposition process, and it is used to coat the GO with a metal catalyst. In the second step, a chemical vapor deposition technique is used to deposit carbon nanofibers (CNFs) on the surface of GOs. Results of this research included creating a self-supporting CNFs/GOs structure that demonstrated improved electrical conductivity. The technique is simple and can be employed to produce large area CNFs/GOs free-standing structure that can potentially be used as an electrode material and for other applications.

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Engineering Commons