Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


School of Business; School of Communication; School of Divinity


Business Administration; Global Studies; Religion: Womens Ministries


Women, Feminism, Oppression, Identity, Freedom


Biblical Studies | Business and Corporate Communications | Missions and World Christianity


A woman’s identity in society has often been debated, starting from the beginning of time. The answer to this identity question has been sought in systems ranging from oppression, slavery, radical feminism, and over-exaltation of power. This thesis suggests that the value of women and their role is not found in those systems but in the knowledge of their Creator. Two questions will be posed, including how women’s identity has been previously defined and can a woman’s identity be found in her Creator God. The history of women in biblical times will be reviewed, as well as how Christ valued women. A review of the emergence of radical feminism and the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia will also be contrasted. The results of this review will indicate that neither one of these man-made systems will give women the purpose they are searching for; a woman’s identity can be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus gives women an identity different than what the secular world offers. This truth will set women free from radical feminism and oppression.