Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


School of Business


Business Administration


Non-profits, NGOs, Donor Support, Advancement, Impact Measurement, Resource Allocation, Feedback Mechanisms, Accountability Metrics, Fraud, Corruption, Audits, Transparency Databases


Advertising and Promotion Management | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Business and Corporate Communications | Finance and Financial Management | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Operations and Supply Chain Management | Performance Management | Strategic Management Policy


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) comprise the backbone of civilization. Whether intended or not, governments fail to improve social situations, financial standings, and spirituality comprehensively. NGOs attempt to cover these areas. From Angola to Zambia, countless NGOs exist around the world; however, many fail due to a misplaced focus internally on the annual donations received rather than externally on the disenfranchised. Additionally, even if NGOs manage to stay afloat, they will need help procuring funds and then distributing those resources with the most effective impact for the impoverished. The honors thesis proposed will attempt to determine more effective impact measurements for NGOs, examining the context of varying financial obtainment strategies, resource allocation decisions, qualitative and quantitative evaluation mechanisms, and critical accountability metrics.