Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Engineering: Mechanical


CFD, Genesis Flood, Numerical Modeling


Computer-Aided Engineering and Design


According to the Bible's account of earth's physical history, the majority of geological change from creation to the Ice Age is a consequence of the global Flood cataclysm described in Genesis 6-8. The changes included large-scale tectonic activity, recycling all pre-Flood ocean floor into the mantle, and generating all present-day igneous ocean floor by seafloor spreading at mid-ocean rift zones. Along the middle of these zones, strips of newly formed seafloor were present near the melting temperature of basaltic magma. Above these strips of extremely hot rock, intense jets of steam would almost certainly form. This research seeks to investigate the physical complexities of steam jets that formed above these strips of hot sea bottom and utilize ANSYS Fluent to create a tentative model of jet behavior. The main objectives of this project are to view how high the jets rise into the atmosphere, capture how the jet disrupts the surrounding ocean water, and determine what other parameters need to be considered to improve the model’s accuracy in the future.