Publication Date

Spring 4-2023


College of Arts and Sciences; School of Health Sciences


Interdisciplinary Studies


music, mental illness, mental health, mental disorder, music therapy, anxiety, depression, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, suicide, suicide prevention, therapeutic benefit, coronavirus, covid-19


Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Art Therapy | Other Mental and Social Health


To understand the relationship amongst anxiety, depression, and music therapy, this integrative review synthesizes the major themes and relevant education of articles discussing mental health and the benefit of music. While most existing studies focus on using music therapy to treat pain and clinical anxiety, the content of this paper is written to emphasize how the same principles can be used in unmanageable stress and emotional decomposition. Each topic is analyzed and reviewed individually, pooling several sources for a thorough examination, and understanding of the subject. Once each area is fully summarized, the gap is addressed by pulling evidence from the content analyses to address the review’s major research questions and conclude that music therapy is highly beneficial in supplementing treatment for those suffering from mental disorders.