Publication Date

Spring 4-2010


School of Education


Integrated Studies: Elementary--Teacher Certification

Primary Subject Area

Education, General


perception, education organization, effectiveness, professional


Teacher Education and Professional Development


Topics covered in this thesis include the development of qualities of effective teachers, field experiences within teacher preparation programs, the definition of professionalism, pre-service teachers and professionalism, the perceptions of in-service teachers of professional development, education organizations, the psychological details of organizational dynamics, benefits of membership in professional education organizations for both pre-service and in-service teachers, and community involvement. Topics also include current research on teacher satisfaction with professional organizations and Liberty University’s professional education organizations. The investigation of the aforementioned topics will reveal the correlation between professional education development training and undergraduate professional education organization involvement. This thesis will utilize the obtained information to analyze the data received from an online survey given to Liberty University Education students. Ultimately, this thesis seeks to expose and examine student, or pre-service teacher, perception of professional education organization involvement.