Publication Date

Fall 11-29-2022


School of Music


Music: Choral--Teacher Certification


Choral Education Methods, American Choral Education, Lowell Mason, Singing Schools, Sound Before Symbol, Notation-Centered Method, Philosophy of Music Education


Music | Music Education | Musicology | Music Pedagogy | United States History


For the American choral music educator, knowledge of the beginnings and major developments of choral music education is valuable for both instruction and context. This project seeks to fill a gap in the resources available to choral music teachers by providing a brief yet comprehensive overview of the major developments in choral music education in the United States from the establishment of the Jamestown settlement in 1607 to the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929. The discussion will focus on the major figures, pedagogues, published works, and educational philosophies for singing instruction that promoted either notation-centered or sound before symbol teaching methods.