Publication Date

Fall 11-8-2022


College of Arts and Sciences




Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography, Elliptic Curve Cryptography


Number Theory | Other Mathematics | Set Theory


While elliptic curve cryptography and quantum cryptography are significantly different branches of cryptography, they provide a suitable reference point for comparison of the value of developing methods used in the present and investing in methods to be used in the future. Elliptic curve cryptography is quite common today, as it is generally secure and efficient. However, as the field of cryptography advances, the value of quantum cryptography’s inherent security from its basic properties should be considered, as a fully realized quantum cryptosystem has the potential to be quite powerful. Ultimately, it is of critical importance to determine the value of investing in strengthening current cryptosystems in comparison to seeking to accelerate the development of new ones. While both are of importance, the question should be asked if one avenue of development will be more effective overall.