Publication Date

Fall 11-28-2022


College of Arts and Sciences


Education: Secondary; History


History, Historical, Historiography, Revisionism, Revisionist


Cultural History | Other History | Political History | Public History | Social History


Historical revisionism has long been a part of effective academic historiography. A constant re-analysis of the past and how previous historians came to their conclusions about it enable corrections to be made and new findings to be incorporated into modern and future historical metanarratives. While plentiful positive examples of this practice exist, in part because of an understanding of history as a discipline and how it is correctly and incorrectly represented in adaptations, notable poor and inappropriate examples of revisionism also exist. These rewrites are usually political and are often contested by political opponents and academics, but nevertheless persist. Understanding how both good and bad practices of revisionism have occurred enable historians of today to correct historiographic mistakes and malpractice in the discipline.