Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2010


College of Arts and Sciences


Psychology: Child/Adolescent Development

Primary Subject Area

Education, Educational Psychology


educational backgrounds, home-school


Child Psychology


Home-school has become a common alternative to public- and private-school in America, but it is also highly controversial among researchers and society regarding educational rights and freedoms. Research indicated that these three methods of education do not differ significantly from one another, and there is little indication as to which educational background will best prepare a high school student for his or her adjustment to college. Academic preparation is found to be the most effective factor for a high school students’ transition to college, but little research has been done concerning which education affiliation is most effective in achieving this preparation. It is questionable whether students who are homeschooled can keep up with the academic demands as well as those in private-school or public-school. This study seeks assessed whether students who were homeschooled throughout their high school years are more suited for the transition to college learning than those who attended a public or private-school.