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essential oil, essential oils, aromatherapy, procedural, pre-procedural, preprocedural, anxiety, stress, fragrance, lavender, Lavandula, bergamote, Citrus aurantium, tea olive, Osmanthus fragrans, eucalyptus


Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Anesthesiology | Cardiovascular Diseases | Critical Care Nursing | Perioperative, Operating Room and Surgical Nursing


Anxiety before procedures can negatively impact patients by increasing cortisol levels which delays wound healing and increases infection risk, increasing pain and sedation medication needs, and increasing hospitalization time. This review was conducted to find how inhaled essential oils affect pre-procedural anxiety of adults in acute care settings. Nine databases and some gray literature were searched within the past ten years, and documented using the PRISMA flow chart. Ten articles fitting the inclusion criteria were retrieved. Nine of the articles found a significant difference between the aromatherapy group and control group and pre- and post- intervention anxiety scores, and none reported adverse effects. Results align with other reviews with a majority favoring aromatherapy. Since results are mixed, further research is required.