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Burnout, School, History, Adaptive Perfectionism, Maladaptive Perfectionism


Elementary Education | Gifted Education | Secondary Education


Gifted Student Burnout may be part of the occurrence of fatigue that can affect students of all ages. This can range from elementary to high school. Burnout in gifted education is a relatively new area of research, as burnout research in students and the gifted programs themselves are also new. The potential causes and potential solutions will be used to differentiate classroom instruction for gifted students. As gifted students grow and begin to want more control over their learning, instruction will need to be adjusted to help students stay invested in their academics. There are possible outlying effects that the home life of gifted students may add, but also ways that home lives and extracurricular activities help students through their burnout experiences. Outcomes are that the classroom environment and how gifted students are treated throughout their years in school may have the biggest effect on the chance or rate of burnout.