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bluetooth, music, flute, controller, iPad, sheet music, embedded system, Feather, arduino, glove, hand, remote controller, pedal, MBC, music bluetooth controller, intersection, arts


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The modern musician faces a new challenge: how can technology be used to enhance a performance? This thesis documents the development of a Bluetooth remote controller that will aid today’s performing musicians by interacting with a digital display (e.g., an iPad) to flip musical score pages remotely. At its core, while mimicking a Bluetooth pedal (the current industry standard), this device attaches to the musician’s hand. In its pilot stages, the device has been referred to “MBC” (Music Bluetooth Controller).


This has been a labor of love between co-founders Eli Best and Lydia Wu. Though the paper is credited to Wu, the content cannot be attributed to her without equal or greater emphasis on Best's intellectual and physical contributions to MBC.