Publication Date

Spring 5-2-2010


Psychology: Clinical/Experimental

Primary Subject Area

Psychology, Industrial; Sociology, Organizational


burnout, Emotional Exhaustion, Depersonalization, Personal Accomplishment, Resident Assistant, RA, spirituality, awareness, instability, Maslach Burnout Inventory, Spiritual Assessment Inventory


Social and Behavioral Sciences


The concept of employment burnout represents an important point of interest among researchers who examine the relationship between individuals and their work environment. The present study investigated the nature of burnout among Resident Assistants (RA) at a midsize evangelical university and its correlation to spirituality. The scores obtained from 126 participants on the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and the Spiritual Assessment Inventory (SAI) were analyzed according to the multiple regression method. The results demonstrated that two of the six variables from SAI, namely Awareness and Instability, had the highest predictive value of burnout among RAs. Because the predictive values of these two variables account for a maximum of 31 percent of the burnout variance, it was established that further research is necessary in order to explain the contribution of other factors to RA burnout.