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Tissue engineering


Tissue engineering is an emerging field in medicine. The purpose is to synthesize new tissue that the body will not reject but will use to heal the body from its own cells. It will lay down new material, with hopes that the new tissue will develop and continue to regenerate. This is performed with the use of stem cells, scaffolding and growth materials. Tissue engineering was birthed as a solution for organ transplants. The technique for transplanting organs has a long history as it has evolved over the years and continues to progress with technology. There have been many advantages to transplants, however, there are still many complications. The future of tissue engineering is to completely eliminate any need for the transplant list because researchers will be able to develop full organs from a person’s own cells that the body will not reject. Plastic surgery, skin grafts, and potential development of organs are just some examples of the areas in which tissue engineering has incredible benefits.