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GPU, deep learning, GPGPU, convolutional, neural network, accelerate, parallelism, multithread


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Graphics processing units (GPUs) contain a significant number of cores relative to central processing units (CPUs), allowing them to handle high levels of parallelization in multithreading. A general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) is a GPU that has its threads and memory repurposed on a software level to leverage the multithreading made possible by the GPU’s hardware, and thus is an extremely strong platform for intense computing – there is no hardware difference between GPUs and GPGPUs. Deep learning is one such example of intense computing that is best implemented on a GPGPU, as its hardware structure of a grid of blocks, each containing processing threads, can handle the immense number of necessary calculations in parallel. A convolutional neural network (CNN) created for financial data analysis shows this advantage in the runtime of the training and testing of a neural network.