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School of Divinity


Religion: Pastoral Ministries; Religion: Youth Ministries


christian, revival, modern, biblical, christianity, church, historical, evangelism, Old Testament, New Testament, overview, sociological, application


Biblical Studies | Christianity | History of Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | United States History


There is a need for revival within the church today. Christian revivals are becoming less and less popular in the current times. Is this due to a subtle shift in America’s culture? Or is this decline of religious revival the result of something deeper? This thesis will seek to discover the biblical foundations of revival in American history. First, it will analyze some of the biblical revivals that took place in the Old Testament, Gospels, and Book of Acts. Then it will transition into how these biblical principles have been the cornerstone for many of the great revivals in American history. The historical research will include an analysis of the biblical accounts of revival, with careful cultural studies and exegetical commentary. Also, an investigation into the historical accounts of American revival will be conducted.

After the historical research has been performed, this thesis will attempt to draw applications for today. The goal of this thesis will be to provide specific and concrete ways for church leaders and pastors to incorporate methods of revival into their own ministry. The author hopes that these methods will be both biblically and historically based so that there might be a revival of revival within the Church today.