Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2010

Primary Subject Area

Biology, General; Biology, Neuroscience; Biology, Physiology; Religion, General


Eye, Evolution, Creation, Anatomy of the Eye


Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology


The human eye has been the cause of much controversy in regards to its complexity and how the human eye came to be. Through following and discussing the anatomical and physiological functions of the eye, a better understanding of the argument of origins can be seen. The anatomy of the human eye and its many functions are clearly seen, through its complexity. When observing the intricacy of vision and all of the different aspects and connections, it does seem that the human eye is a miracle, no matter its origins. Major biological functions and processes occurring in the retina show the intensity of the eye’s intricacy. After viewing the eye and reviewing its anatomical and physiological domain, arguments regarding its origins are more clearly seen and understood. Evolutionary theory, in terms of Darwin’s thoughts, theorized fossilization of animals, computer simulations of eye evolution, and new research on supposed prior genes occurring in lower life forms leading to human life. Creation elements can be clearly understood in the form of the wiring of the eye, answering computer simulated evolution, the lack of biological purpose of emotional crying, and the possible skewed reasoning of evolutionists.


This is a study on the origins arguments involving the human eye. The anatomy and physiology of the human eye are viewed to establish appropriate knowledge in order to view the origins debate surrounding the eye.