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Worldview, financial planning, risk management, behavioral economics, theism, Christianity, naturalism


Business | Finance and Financial Management | Insurance


An individual's worldview has an effect on all aspects of their life. Worldview affects the decisions people make, the clothes they wear, the people they interact with, and so much more. What is often overlooked is the impact of worldview on one's view and use of money. Money is universal and everyone has some form of currency or assets. However, the way money is used, whether it is saved, spent, or invested, is often determined by an individual's own concept of money. Additionally, relationships between people are often chosen or influenced by an individual's worldview. Human beings are seen differently through the lens of the culture than they are through the eyes of God or the Bible. Furthermore, in a financial planning relationship between a client and advisor, worldview plays an important role. The purpose of this thesis is to note the impact of worldview in holistic financial planning and analyze the concept of behavioral finance to understand why people make the investment decisions that they do.