Publication Date

Spring 2022


School of Nursing


Nursing (B.S.N.)


nursing school, college life, mental health




Nursing students face a unique set of obstacles during their time in school. Beyond the normal stressors of college life, they are required to spend several hours in the hospital per week, study for exams, and complete high acuity simulations, and they struggle with coping with these new demands. Undergraduate nursing students need to be supported in their mental health and coping strategies to improve their resilience in nursing school and, hence, their ability to function as a nurse in the future. This study has ascertained what students believe is helpful in supporting their mental health while in nursing school. Participants included Liberty University School of Nursing (LUSON) students at all levels, and they completed a survey with questions to determine methods that have been helpful, as well as those they believe would be helpful in improving their mental health. Results were gathered, analyzed, and created into a format that is helpful for administration to understand what their students need.

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