Publication Date

Spring 2021


School of Health Sciences


Health Promotion: Clinical Track


vaccine, influenza, vaccine hesitancy, public health


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Influenza Virus Vaccines | Other Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion


Every year 2.5 million deaths worldwide are prevented because of vaccinations. Vaccine hesitancy is defined as delayed acceptance or refusal of vaccination and is a global threat to public health. Attitudes and barriers towards vaccines vary and change from group to group. Eighty-five percent of surveyed public health students at Liberty University did not receive the seasonal influenza vaccine. Their attitudes and barriers included: “I did not have time to receive a flu vaccination”, “I believe that as a result of the flu shot, I may actually get the flu”, and “I do not believe I am in danger of contracting the flu”. Interventions are aimed at increasing their vaccine uptake and their ability to educate future communities.