Publication Date

Spring 2021


School of Aeronautics


Aviation: Commercial


UAS, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Aviation, Autonomy, Drones, Airlines, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Aviation Technology, The Future of Aviation


Aeronautical Vehicles | Aviation Safety and Security


This study seeks to cover the state of modern autonomous unmanned aerial systems (UAS) integration into commercial aviation, the future applications of the technology in the airline industry, and the roadblocks currently hindering its integration into passenger operations. Although great advancements are being made in the field, technological developments, economic impact, legal restrictions, airline cost, and public perception stand in the way of the full adaptation of autonomous technology into everyday passenger operations. However, technology is rapidly developing, perhaps allowing for the possibility of autonomous air travel even today, but there are likely years of refinement before regulators, executives, and consumers adopt autonomous air travel into everyday life.