Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2021


School of Behavioral Sciences




leadership emergence, mentorship, gender, student, Christian University


Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Leadership Studies | Organization Development


Mentoring relationships have been shown to be a catalyst for leadership development. They serve an important role in the lives of students in preparing them for academic success, career advancement, and future leadership opportunities. However, at Christian institutions of higher learning, there is a tendency for male faculty to vastly outnumber female faculty and administrators. For the purposes of understanding how students view mentoring relationships, student perceptions of mentorship and future leadership emergence were measured at a large Evangelical Christian university. A survey was distributed to student Residential Assistants and results were analyzed in order to determine if there was a significant difference between male and female participant responses. A significant relationship was found between a female student’s perceived likelihood of finding a mentor of the same gender within the organization and her perceived likelihood of obtaining an executive position.