Publication Date

Spring 5-6-2021


School of Behavioral Sciences; School of Health Sciences


Biology: Biomedical Sciences


forgiveness, divine forgiveness, victim forgiveness, physical health, stress


Medicine and Health Sciences | Mental and Social Health | Physiological Processes | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Though there is increasing evidence to support a relationship between forgiveness and physical health, certain subcategories of forgiveness, namely victim and divine forgiveness, are relatively understudied. This study seeks to add to the body of forgiveness literature by examining how divine and victim forgiveness relate to one’s physical health, and whether that relationship is mediated by stress. Furthermore, a literature review is included to detail how stress, a potential mediating variable between forgiveness and physical health, affects physical health. The results of the study reveal that victim forgiveness positively predicts physical health, but is not mediated by stress. In contrast, divine forgiveness alone does not predict physical health, rather the effect of divine forgiveness on physical health was mediated by stress.


This research was conducted with support from Dr. Jichan J. Kim.