Publication Date

Spring 5-6-2021


School of Communication


Communication Studies: Advertising and Public Relations; Global Studies


Christian missions, social media, communication, ministry


Christianity | Communication Technology and New Media | Graphic Communications | International and Intercultural Communication | Missions and World Christianity | Social Media


Technology can be used in amazing and creative ways to spread the gospel and create community across borders. The Apostle Paul used the communication tool of his time, letters, to communicate with churches from a distance. Today’s tools include social media which, when used properly and with intent, can positively influence an organization in the name of the gospel. Missions organizations have an incredible opportunity to use strategies and content to create a viable social media ministry. Theories such as the Community Development Theory and various reception theories contribute to an understanding of two-way communication and engagement between organization and audience. An evaluation of audience, platforms, and content go into creating a social media strategy that can be measured and reevaluated to continuously improve and meet organizational goals.