Publication Date

Spring 2021


Helms School of Government


Government: Politics and Policy


Biblical Christian worldview, education, Christianity, pragmatism, Marxism, constructivism, critical race theory, God, Marx, Dewey, Fabian


Christianity | Education | Intellectual History | Practical Theology | Religion | Religious Education | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


This thesis investigates whether the philosophies and worldviews underlying U.S. public education contradict or purposefully undermine Biblical Christianity. It provides readers with an understanding of the Biblical Christian worldview to enable them to analyze and contrast prominent worldviews of public education. Pragmatism and Marxism run rampant in public education today. Both strongly oppose fundamental tenets of the Biblical Christian worldview. To determine any purposeful anti-Christian agenda, the author examines the men behind the worldviews. Christianity maintains that ideas and practices in education originate from deeply-held, personal beliefs, which are passed on to students. Education is a means of discipleship to the ultimate end glorifying God, so parents must prudently discern the basic presuppositions of today’s schools.