Publication Date

Spring 4-12-2010


School of Communication


Visual Communication Arts


Injustice, Graphic Design, Slavery, Prostitution, Child Labor, Human Trafficking, Christianity


For my senior honors thesis I am creating an advertising campaign for a non-profit organization called Faceless International. Faceless works to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking and also educate children so they are less likely to be tricked into being trafficked and kept as slaves. I am creating a postcard-sized handout, a brochure/poster, an identity package for the director (consisting of a letterhead, envelope, and business card), and a t-shirt. The written portion of my thesis explores the tragedy of human trafficking and discusses why organizations like International Justice Mission and Faceless International are needed in our world today, what we are called to do as Christians, and the design process I use to create the pieces, employing design theories and fundamentals to communicate the message to the intended audience (teenagers and young adults) in the best possible way.