Publication Date

Spring 5-4-2021


School of Business


Accounting; Business: International Business


Trump administration, economic policy, tariffs, military policy, trade war, globalization, COVID-19


Economic History | International Business


This paper looks at the “America first” trade policy of the Trump administration and the perception that it was used to accomplish his goals of economic and military independence from the rest of the world’s interdependent web. It looks at the history of trade policy and tariffs in the United States; this is then linked to the evolution of President Trump’s trade policy through the implementation of tariffs, renegotiation of trade deals, and revision of military policy in order to “decouple” from the rest of the world. It examines the US-China trade war and the desire for increased global trade standards. It looks at the influence of COVID-19 on President Trump’s policies. Finally, this paper looks deeper at the influence of President Trump’s military agenda on his economic and trade policy, and how this impacts globalization as well as implications looking forward.