Publication Date

Spring 4-2021


School of Divinity


Religion: Biblical Studies


Election, Romans, Romans 9, Romans 9-11, Israel, Paul, Pauline, Rome, Predestination, Dispensationalism, Covenant, Theology


Biblical Studies


Paul’s dealings with Israel in Romans 9-11 have long been viewed as some of the most theologically controversial teachings in the New Testament. Throughout these three critical chapters located in the middle of his greatest theological treatise, Paul teaches both on the doctrine of individual election and on the future of ethnic Israel. In this paper, the text will be approached using the discipline of biblical theology with the hope of interpreting the text using a literal hermeneutic with the whole of Scripture in mind. The doctrine of unconditional individual election will be affirmed by this research, and both a progressive covenantal and dispensationalist understanding of Israel’s national future will be presented separately.