Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2021


School of Music


Worship and Music Ministry


Anxiety, worship, devotional, generational, counseling, music therapy, small groups, worship lifestyle, stress, academic, millennial, generation z


Rates of anxiety are at its highest point in the late Millennial and early Gen-Z population, prompting a rise in mental health awareness. For those practicing the Christian faith, it can be difficult to follow Apostle Paul’s simple command to “not be anxious” (Philippians 4:6). This thesis will conduct a targeted literature review of music and group-counseling-based therapy, as both have proven to positively affect anxiety and stress symptoms. Combining these two methodologies with worship lifestyle principles and counseling exercises, a church-modeled devotional study will be created to encourage believers to cling to faith in God despite rising anxiety. The objective is to provide local churches with materials that can guide individuals through practical steps to worship God amidst anxiety.


The creative portion of this thesis will be published separate from the academic targeted literature review in the coming years.