Publication Date

Spring 5-2021


School of Nursing


Nursing (B.S.N.)


Polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, insulin resistance, IR, treatment, complication prevention, women's health, fertility, etiology, symptom management


Maternal and Child Health | Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nursing | Other Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing | Women's Health


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a reproductive and endocrine disorder in women of childbearing age. This disorder includes multiple clinical manifestations, namely insulin resistance (IR) and infertility related to hormonal imbalances and anovulation. Despite being a common condition, its etiology and treatment modalities remain poorly defined. Without proper understanding and management of the condition, women may suffer numerous complications besides infertility such as diabetes mellitus type II (DMII), endometrial cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, further research is critical. This integrative review will create a comprehensive understanding of PCOS' pathophysiology, potential complications, treatment methods, and nursing considerations to promote the health and well-being of women affected by this condition.