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Publication Date

Fall 12-4-2020


Helms School of Government


Government: Politics and Policy


Constitution, U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court, Law, Government, Interpretation, America


Common Law | Constitutional Law | Courts | Judges | Jurisprudence | Legal History | Supreme Court of the United States


This thesis will examine the competing interpretations of the United States Constitution and the different effects these interpretations would have on the American government and legal systems. By examining legal precedents and different philosophical views, the varying interpretations will be examined and put through real-world scenarios. The founding of America was over 200 years ago, but philosophical views throughout history shall be used in the understanding of the different interpretations and real-world consequences. The thesis will not claim that one interpretation is proper and the perfect one for the United States, rather it will challenge each view in an attempt to understand the best possible interpretation for the American people, government, and legal systems.