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Substance use and traumatic brain injury are independently dangerous to an individual. These factors can compound and produce even worse effects if they cooccur during adolescence. Despite the scientific literature demonstrating the cumulative problems associated with these all cooccurring, many students and teachers know very little about traumatic brain injury recovery and the impact substance use can have on that process. Professionals who interact with at-risk individuals for traumatic brain injuries, such as adolescents and athletes, have little knowledge regarding substance use and traumatic brain injury, however a seminar model was effective for developing content knowledge and changes in attitude on the topic. A sample of 38 individuals at a local seminar completed pre-seminar and post-seminar surveys regarding their knowledge on substance use and traumatic brain injury. Results were analyzed using matched pair t-tests. It was determined this sample was not well-educated on the topic and a seminar set-up was largely effective for educating groups.