Jesus and the Symbol of Water in the Gospel of John

David R. Stout, Liberty University

Document Type Article


This is an examination of God’s use of the Apostle John to present His Son, Jesus. Specific focus will be placed on symbol of water, which John used as a theme in revealing Jesus. In addition, the role of one individual, Moses, will be examined, as he was used to teach readers about the coming Messiah. In examining the relationship between Moses and Jesus, the point of view will be through the eyes of John.

First, a look will be taken at John’s prologue, which provides the necessary framework to properly understand John’s Gospel. Then will come an account found in Numbers 20:9-12, involving Moses. Also, one miracle and two statements of Jesus, all of which point back to the event described in Numbers, will be examined. Finally, a look will be taken at the way these events also pointed forward to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.