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This data represents county-wide data for every state in the United States in an attempt to measure the presence and impact of social capital and local community health (as defined by covenantal noncentralization) on community challenges.

Predictor Variables (Covenantal Noncentralization):

  • 2 Parent Percentage
  • Religious Adherence
  • Social Associations
  • Charitable Deduction
  • Institutional Governance

Outcome Variables (Community Challenges):

  • Tragic Deaths
  • STD Rates
  • Unemployment
  • Child Poverty
  • Dropout Rate

The spreadsheet consists of the following tabs:

  • Raw Data: all data, predictor and outcome, for every county in the United States
  • CNI-Z: Z score conversions for all Predictor Variables as discussed above
  • Comm Challenges-Z: Z score conversions for all outcome variables as discussed above
  • ALL Z SCORES: All Z score data, combined, onto one tab for the purposes of use with SPSS
  • Ranked Measures/Additional Measures: these two tabs describe the sources and collection of all data