Publication Date

Fall 2002

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Military and Veterans Studies | Models and Methods | Other International and Area Studies | Peace and Conflict Studies


This research generates a method for easy comparison of national military doctrines as they pertain to peacekeeping operations by using the Conceptual Model of Peace Operations (CMPO) as an organizational framework. Microsoft Excel is utilized as an interface as a means for individuals or organizations to compare individual national peacekeeping doctrines on an independent framework. This project also utilizes graphing techniques to allow users to view more generalized comparisons of doctrine so conclusions might be more readily drawn with regards to specific areas of coverage, areas of doctrine needing to be more fully or less extensively addressed, and the political rationale that may have been used by the nations while developing their respective doctrines. This project may benefit government policy makers on both national and international levels, as well as those members of national militaries as they create, modify, and harmonize their own doctrines for peacekeeping operations.