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Introduction to Librarianship, University of South Florida.


Lieber’s work covers a wide range of fields. In the field of political science, his work embodies the transition from academic moral philosophy to political science proper. His contributions to penology, international law, and higher education have been acknowledged in the standard histories of those fields. Apart from the Encyclopaedia Americana for which he solicited contributions by leading scholars, Lieber’s larger works include a popular travelogue, Letters to a Gentleman in Germany (1834), reprinted in England as Stranger in America, which included an account of his experiences at the Battle of Namur (a few miles from Waterloo); a set of principles for interpretation and construction in law and politics, Legal and Political Hermeneutics (1839); a textbook on political economy, Essays on Property and Labour (1841); two political science treatises, the Manual of Political Ethics (two volumes: 1838-1839) and On Civil Liberty and Self-Government (1853); a posthumous collection of his shorter writings, Miscellaneous Writings (two volumes: 1881); and selections from his letters edited by Thomas Sergeant Perry, The Life and Letters of Francis Lieber (1882).