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Practical advice for parents of teenagers. By: Dobson, James C.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 33-34+. Subjects: Adolescence; Parent and child

A child's view of God. By: Land, Rebekah V H.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 38-39,41. Subjects: Children--Religious life

The discipline decision. By: Miller, David R.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 43,64-65. Subjects: Child rearing; Discipline

Suicide : not my child. By: Bustanoby, André. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 45-46. Subjects: Suicide

Jerome Hines : enjoying his destiny and giving God the glory. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 47-48. Subjects: Hines, Jerome; Opera

Changing pastors and pastorates. By: Earles, Brent D.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 52. Subjects: Clergy--Placement

Created in God's Image By: Habermas, Ronald T.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 58.

What the Bible Really Says about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage By: Pitts, Daryl W.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 60+.

Supreme Court to rule on creation-science. By: Mawyer, Martin. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 67-68+. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Creationism; Public schools and religion

Whose baby. By: Dollar, Truman. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 74. Subjects: Surrogate mothers

The father of all nature and life. By: Falwell, Jerry. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 10. Subjects: God--Fatherhood

Is seminary education obsolete. By: Dobson, Edward G.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 12. Subjects: Theological seminaries Scripture on origins. By: Mayhue, Richard L.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 14-17+. Subjects: Creationism

Science on origins. By: Morris, Henry M.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 19-21+. Subjects: Bible and geology; Creationism; Evolution

The real story of the trial that "disgraced fundamentalism" By: Olasky, Marvin N.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 23-26. Subjects: Scopes, John Thomas, 1900-1970; Creation--History of doctrines; Modernist-fundamentalist controversy; Scopes trial, Dayton, Tenn, 1925

Walter L Wilson : beloved physician of Kansas City. By: DeRemer, Bernard R.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 27-28. Subjects: Wilson, Walter L. (Walter Lewis), 1881-1969; Missions, Medical

The mystery of the human body. By: Wilson, Walter L.. 6 no 3 Mr 1987, p 29-30. Subjects: Sermons