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Taking advantage of the housing allowance. By: Barringer, Paul. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 50-51. Subjects: Clergy--Taxation

Sound in the church. By: Westra, John. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 52. Subjects: Audio systems

Court cracks down on pro-life protestors. By: Mawyer, Martin. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 53-54. Subjects: Pro-life movement

The incredible, incomparable Incarnation. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 14-17. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Incarnation; Jesus Christ--Nativity

Love brought a miracle. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell; Hiner, Robbie. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 18-21+. Subjects: Christmas; Short stories

The cutter of wood. By: Boyd, Jack. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 23-24. Subjects: Christmas; Virgin birth; Short stories

Bollback celebrates Christ in music and song : from South American jungles to city street. By: Theis, George. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 25-26. Subjects: Bollback, Tony; Word of Life (Mission); Missionaries--Recruitment; Missions--Brazil; Music concerts

Ministry is foremost : Steve Green. By: Catogge, Raymond J.. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 28-29. Subjects: Green, Stephen James; Music concerts

John Hus : a simple faith led to Europe's first Protestant church. By: Murray, Paul. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 32-33. Subjects: Hus, Jan, 1369c-1415; Moravian Church--History Family living / by Gordon, Marjorie...[et al.] By: Gordon, Marjorie. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 39-43. Precious Moments Family Bible By: Harper, Martha. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 47.

Christianity is not a spectator sport. By: Sweet, George. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 49. Subjects: Preaching

God's plan for music. By: Currie, Keith. 6 no 11 D 1987, p 50. Subjects: Church music