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The life of David. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 56. Subjects: David, King of Israel

Sexual revolution on its way out. By: Thomas, Cal. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 57. Subjects: Sexual ethics

Rest in troublesome times. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 58. Subjects: Despair; Hebrew language--Terms--Hamah; Rest

Kathleen Lind : Liberty students' dorm mama. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 59. Subjects: Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va)

[Thomas, Lowell, d 1985, obit, deacon, Thomas Road Baptist Church, por] 5 no 2 F 1986, p 60. Subjects: Thomas, Lowell; Obituaries

Porn rock upsets Washington Wives. By: Mawyer, Martin. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 62-63. Subjects: Gore, Tipper; Rock music; Pornography

Robertson considers presidency. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 64. Subjects: Robertson, Pat

Gorbachev-Reagan summit irrelevant. By: Dollar, Truman. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 66. Subjects: Fundamentalism; Politics and Christianity; World politics--1980-

Meeting needs with love. By: Erickson, Howard. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 44-45.

Theological gobbledygook. By: Hudson, Henry T.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 44.

James O Combs : editor and teacher. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 46. Subjects: Combs, James O.; Baptists--Periodicals

Exegetical Fallacies By: Yarborough, Robert. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 47.

Allen R McFarland : "When God orders, He gives" 5 no 2 F 1986, p 49-50. Subjects: Mcfarland, Allen R.; African American clergy; Baptists, African American

Lord, change my children's father. By: Hendricks, Howard G.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 51-52. Subjects: Family life, Christian; Parent and child--Religious aspects--Christianity

Why children lie, how to cure lying. By: LaHaye, Tim F.; LaHaye, Beverly. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 51. Subjects: Child psychology; Parent and child; Truthfulness and falsehood

Sunshine Outreach gleaners reap abundantly. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 52. Subjects: Charities; Food relief

"Do you have a dime I can borrow" By: Bittle, Rose E.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 53. Subjects: Compassion

Caring is a joy for Al and Nadine Peters. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 54. Subjects: Peters, Al; Church work with prisoners; Women prisoners

Rock music : the cult-occult connection. By: Enroth, Ronald M.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 18-19. Subjects: Obscenity; Religious movements, Popular; Satanism

Rock music : what's a youth pastor to do? By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 20. Subjects: Obscenity

In the "Christian rock" sound can you hear God whisper. By: Smith, Michael R.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 22-23. Subjects: Grant, Amy; Music in worship

Peter and Barbara Jenkins : reaching out to America--in to the family. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 25-27. Subjects: Jenkins, Barbara; Jenkins, Peter; Family life, Christian

The wedding. By: Jenkins, Barbara; Jenkins, Peter. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 28-29. Subjects: Weddings

From slavery to servanthood : John Jasper sang the praises of Jesus. By: Johnson, Robert B.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 32-34. Subjects: Jasper, John, 1812-1901; African Americans--History; Preaching, African American; Slavery--United States

The sun does move. By: Jasper, John. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 35-36. Subjects: Preaching, African American; Sermons

Jesus' view of scripture. By: Coleman, Robert E.. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 37-39. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Attitude towards the Old Testament; Jesus Christ--Teachings

Marriage, divorce and remarriage, pt 5 : Divorce and the teaching of Jesus and Paul. By: Dobson, Edward. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 40-41. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Teachings; Paul, Saint, Apostle--Theology--Sin; Divorce--Biblical teaching; Marriage; Remarriage; Sexual ethics

Above all, get wisdom. By: Nettleton, David. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 43.

The gospel and racial equality. By: Falwell, Jerry. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 10. Subjects: Blacks in the Bible

Christian atheism. By: Dobson, Edward. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 12. Subjects: Atheism; Christian life

Children of truth. By: Corduan, Winfried. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 13-15. Subjects: Ethics, Christian; Truth

Rock music : the cadence of decadence. By: Dobson, Edward (Editor). 5 no 2 F 1986, p 16-23. Subjects: Rock music; Popular culture; Youth--Conduct of life

Today's music : from whence did it rock, and where will it roll? By: Curtis, Carl; Huff, Deborah. 5 no 2 F 1986, p 17.