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Jim Moon : God called a helper. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 37. Subjects: Moon, Jim

Giving the bread of life in spirit and truth. By: Smith, Michael R.. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 40-41. Subjects: Antrim Faith Rescue Mission (Waynesboro, Pa); Church work with the unemployed

Robert Dick Wilson : the simplicity of a true scholar. By: DeRemer, Bernard R.. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 43-46. Subjects: Wilson, Robert Dick, 1856-1930; Evangelicalism--Biographies; Biographies

Shall we grovel for beetles or pluck violets. By: Wilson, Robert Dick. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 46. Subjects: Bible--Criticism, interpretation

The generous Russian peasant. By: Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 53. Subjects: Short stories

Four angry prophets. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 54. Subjects: Prophets in the Old Testament

Sanctuary Movement : the hidden agenda in smuggling aliens. By: Mawyer, Martin. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 59-62. Subjects: Politics and Christianity; Refugees, Central American; Sanctuary movement

Gallup says nuclear threat prompts search for spiritual meaning. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 63. Subjects: Gallup, George, 1930-

A greater goal. By: Dollar, Truman. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 66. Subjects: Church and state--United States

The American family today. By: Bustanoby, André. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 16-19. Subjects: Church work with families; Family--United States

Facing a family crisis. By: Solomon, Charles R.. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 20-21,29. Subjects: Crisis (Psychology); Family life, Christian

Children having children. By: Wharton, Ann. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 22-24. Subjects: Pregnancy, Adolescent; Sexual ethics; Youth--Conduct of life

Sad statistics. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 24. Subjects: Youth--Conduct of life

Sibling rivalry : breaking family circles from cradle to grave. By: Adams, Jay Edward. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 25-28. Subjects: Brothers and sisters; Competition (Psychology); Family life, Christian

"Enclosed is a picture of our church" By: Allen, William J.. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 30-31. Subjects: Church planning; Clergy--Placement Kendra Cook : she's got the song and sings it sweet and strong. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 32-33. Subjects: Cook, Kendra; Baptists--Biographies; Biographies

Churches that ignite revival. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 34-35. Subjects: Church growth

What ever happened to the invitation. By: Walker, Billy. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 34. Subjects: Preaching, Evangelical

Herb Rice : pastor of a growing church in a shrinking community. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 35. Subjects: Rice, Herb; Church growth

Dealing dependency and death for profit. By: Falwell, Jerry. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 10. Subjects: Drug abuse

The ultimate act of patriotism. By: Dobson, Edward. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 12. Subjects: Hymers, Robert L, Jr; Politics and Christianity

Jewish fear of fundamentalist activism exaggerated. By: Spero, Aryeh. 5 no 9 O 1986, p 14. Subjects: Fundamentalism; Jews--Relations--Christians; Politics and religion