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Nehemiah : the wall-builder. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 67. Subjects: Bible. Nehemiah

US Supreme Court hears Baby Doe case. By: Mawyer, Martin. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 68. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Infant Doe case

Evolutionists want more coverage in textbooks. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 70. Subjects: Evolution; Science--Textbooks

Pastor released from jail. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 70. Subjects: Ellis, Glen; Day care centers; Licenses; Prisons and prisoners; Tulsa (Okla)

[Dollar, norman] a tribute. By: Dollar, Truman. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 74+. Subjects: Dollar, Norman; Clergy--Biographies; Fathers and sons; Biographie

Tell It to the Church: A Biblical Approach to Resolving Conflict out of Court By: K, M.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 56.

Why children lie, how to cure lying. By: LaHaye, Tim F.; LaHaye, Beverly. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 57. Subjects: Child psychology; Parent and child; Truthfulness and falsehood

Involved for life. By: Wharton, Ann. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 58. Subjects: Larson, Darrold; Women's Help Clinic (Fargo, ND); Pro-life movement

Letters : more than communication. By: Armstrong, Mary. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 58-59. Subjects: Correspondence

Asleep in the storm. By: Bobb, Victor. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 59. Subjects: Escape (Psychology) Call the peacemakers blessed. By: Lutz, Norma Jean. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 60. Subjects: Family life

Create an appetite. By: Johnson, Mel. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 60. Subjects: Bible--Use; Youth--Religious life

Henry Morris : a helper. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 64. Subjects: Morris, Henry; Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va)

Strongholds for the inner man. By: Clark, Suzanne. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 65. Subjects: Conduct of life--Biblical teaching

Triumphant in Christ. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 66. Subjects: Triumph

Paul Anderson : the world's strongest man lifts young people from delinquency. By: Hunt, Angela Elwell. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 43-44. Subjects: Anderson, Paul, 1932-1994; Church work with youth; Institutional care; Weight lifters

A W Tozer : a man in pursuit of God. By: Snyder, James L.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 46-48. Subjects: Tozer, Aiden Wilson, 1897-1963; Christian and Missionary Alliance; Authors, American; Clergy; Evangelicalism

The old cross and the new. By: Tozer, Aiden Wilson. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 49-50. Subjects: Theologia Crucis; Sermons

Integrity. By: Walvoord, John F. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 51-52. Subjects: Conduct of life--Biblical teaching; Integrity

Why your church's teens get involved in cults. By: Kreider, Larry. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 52. Subjects: Cults--United States; Religious movements, Popular; Youth--Religious life

Comforters needed. By: Wiersbe, David W.; Wiersbe, Warren W.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 53-54. Subjects: Bereavement

Off the page and into the heart. By: Chapman, David W.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 53. Subjects: Bible--Reading

Baptists and the State By: K, R.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 55-56.

First Corinthians By: M, J D.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 55.

When Is it Right to Fight By: Witham, Stephen. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 55.

Someday. By: Swindoll, Charles R.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 17-18. Subjects: Parent and child

Finding a better way. By: Simpson, Jennifer. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 20-24. Subjects: Abortion; Pregnancy; Women--Health

Divorce and the teaching of Paul, pt 7. By: Dobson, Edward. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 26-27. Subjects: Paul, Saint, Apostle--Ethics; Divorce--Biblical teaching; Marriage--Biblical teaching On the road to Emmaus. By: Asvitt, Russell J.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 28+. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Relation to Old Testament; Emmaus

Europe : rebuilding the fortress of faith. By: Erickson, Howard. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 32-33. Subjects: Communism and Christianity; Europe--Church history--1980-

Missions in Europe. By: Huff, Deborah W. (Editor). 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 32-42. Subjects: Church statistics--Europe; Missions--Europe; Europe--Church history--1980-

France : profile of a dead nation: will there be life after death? By: Lugar, Robert. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 34-35. Subjects: Church statistics--France; France--Church history--1980-; France--Moral conditions

David Haag : testifying to God's reality in Scotland. By: Haag, David. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 36-37. Subjects: Evangelistic work--Great Britain; Europe--Church history--1980-; Scotland--Church history--1980-

Heritage, religion, and politics fuel conflict on the Emerald Isle. By: Liddle, Ernest V.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 38-40. Subjects: Church statistics--Ireland; Ireland--Politics; Northern Ireland--Church history

Joseph Ton : battling religious persecution. By: Erickson, Howard. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 41-42. Subjects: Ton, Josef; Baptist Union of Romania; Baptists--East Europe; Persecution--1970-; Revivals; Romania--Church history

Will you save a baby. By: Falwell, Jerry. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 10-11. Subjects: Abortion; Bombings; Pro-life movement

Fundamentalism and evangelicalism : a comparison and contrast. By: Dobson, Edward. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 12. Subjects: Evangelicalism; Fundamentalism

Parenting teenagers through those difficult, rewarding years. By: Collins, Gary R.. 5 no 3 Mr 1986, p 14-16. Subjects: Parent and child; Youth-adult relationship