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MacArthur and staff "grateful" for judge's decision. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 64. Subjects: MacArthur, John, 1939-; Nally, Kenneth M.; Grace Community Church of the Valley (Sun City, Calif); Clergy--Malpractice

Spiritual revival or social revolution. By: Dollar, Truman. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 66. Subjects: Secularism

The Intellectuals Speak Out about God By: Habermas, Gary R.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 42-43. The Stealing of America By: Gentry, Kenneth L, Jr. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 42.

Charles E Fuller : the man behind the voice. By: Miller, Denny. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 44-46. Subjects: Fuller, Charles Edward, 1887-1968; Fuller Theological Seminary; Evangelists--Biographies; Mass media in religion; Radio; Biographies

A threefold retrospect. By: Fuller, Charles E.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 47-48. Subjects: Christian life; Sermons

Cherish the children. By: Cotton, Mary. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 49-50. Subjects: Church work with children

Kansas City Youth for Christ pointing teens to Christ for 42 years. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 51-52. Subjects: Metsker, Al; Metsker, Vidy; Youth for Christ; Kansas City (Mo)

From the music business to the music ministry : Mack Evans has realized the difference. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 53-54. Subjects: Evans, Mack; Church music--Protestant churches; Musicians; Music trade

A morning meditation. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 57. Subjects: Meditations

[Charles F] Stanley reelected SBC president, opponent [Winfred] Moore gets VP. By: Combs, James O.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 58. Subjects: Moore, Winfred B.; Stanley, Charles F.; Southern Baptist Convention. Annual meeting; Fundamentalism

South Africa : a personal observation. By: Hindson, Edward E.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 60. Subjects: South Africa--Foreign opinion; South Africa--Race relations

Giants growing giants. By: Fields, Dennis. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 17-18. Subjects: Church administration; Clergy

Early will I seek his face. By: Henry, J Gordon. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 19-20. Subjects: Christian life; Prayer

The peril of prayerlessness. By: Kroll, Woodrow M.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 21-22. Subjects: Christian life; Prayer--Biblical teaching

Prayer in schools : a new perspective. By: Habermas, Ronald T.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 23-24. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Education and church; Law--United States; Public schools and religion

Biblical ethics and economic and political freedom. By: Nash, Ronald H.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 25-27. Subjects: Bible--Economics; Capitalism and Christianity; Economics and Christianity; Socialism and capitalism

Marxism on campus. By: Van Til, L John. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 28-33. Subjects: Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, 1870-1924; Mao, Zedong, 1893-1976; Marx, Karl, 1818-1883; Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953; Marxism; Universities and colleges--Faculty; Universities and colleges--United States

Underdevelopment revisited. By: Berger, Peter L. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 34-35+. Subjects: Economic development; Human rights; Socialism and capitalism

Can the New Right turn America around. By: Neuhaus, Richard John. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 36-38. Subjects: Moral Majority; Conservatism; Fundamentalism; New Right (Politics); United States--Politics

Richard John Neuhaus on religion in the public square. By: Neuhaus, Richard John. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 39-40. Subjects: Neuhaus, Richard John, 1936-2009; New Right (Politics); Politics and religion; United States--Politics

Can we legislate morality. By: Peterson, Dennis L.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 41. Subjects: Law and ethics

Supreme court has infringed on religious freedom. By: Falwell, Jerry. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 10. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Public schools and religion What's wrong with prosperity theology. By: Dobson, Edward. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 12. Subjects: Popular culture; Problem solving; Theology--1980-; Theology--United States; Prosperity theology

Senior saints : loved or lonely. By: Hunt, Angela E.. 4 no 7 Jl-Ag 1985, p 14-16. Subjects: Blackhawk Baptist Church (Fort Wayne, Ind); Church of the Open Door (Westminster, Md); Trinity Baptist Church (Clearwater, Fla); Church work with the aged