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Harold Henniger : gentle giant. By: Bartlett, Billy V.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 51-52. Subjects: Henniger, Harold; Canton Baptist Temple (Canton, Ohio); Clergy--Biographies; Biographies

Attaining to the resurrection. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 53. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Resurrection; Bible. Philippians; Greek language--Terms--Exanastasis

Teaching biblical principles with drama. By: Beck, Jean M.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 54-55. Subjects: Church work with children; Drama

The ultimate in materialism. By: Thomas, Cal. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 56. Subjects: United States. Internal Revenue Service; Abortion; Childbirth

Operation Airlift planned by Old-Time Gospel Hour. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 57-58. Subjects: Old-Time Gospel Hour; Famines; Ethiopia

Isaiah : Shakespeare of the prophets. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 60. Subjects: Bible. Isaiah

The invitation : is it really necessary. By: Dollar, Truman. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 66. Subjects: Preaching

Is welfare scriptural. By: Burkett, Larry. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 21-23. Subjects: Public welfare; Quality of life; Social ethics, Christian

How social is the Gospel. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 24-26. Subjects: Church and social problems; Evangelistic work--Theory; Social service--Philosophy

Poverty : justice, compassion, and personal responsibility. By: Davis, John J.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 27-30. Subjects: Poor and the church; Poverty

The stewardship of money. By: Smith, Ken. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 31-33. Subjects: Finance--Biblical teaching; Money--Religious aspects--Christianity; Stewardship, Christian

Peter Jenkins : keeping in touch with America and her people. By: Jenkins, Peter. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 36-38. Subjects: Jenkins, Peter; Authors, American; Walking; United States--Social conditions

Behold the Lamb of God. By: Miller, Earl, Jr. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 39-42. Subjects: Spurgeon, Charles Haddon, 1834-1892; Atonement; Forgiveness; Lamb of God

Jonathan Edwards : insights that shaped American thought. By: Gerstner, John H.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 43-44. Subjects: Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758; Great Awakening; Preaching--1700-1799; United States--Church history--1700-1799

Heaven : the portion of righteousness. By: Edwards, Jonathan. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 45-47. Subjects: Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758; Sermons

Social Justice and the Christian Church By: Gentry, Kenneth L, Jr. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 48-49.

Falwell before the Millennium: A Critical Biography By: Pulliam, Russ. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 49.

The issues of 1985. By: Falwell, Jerry. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 10. Subjects: Church and social problems--Baptists

Reflections on the Holocaust. By: Dobson, Edward. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 12-13. Subjects: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

He is risen as he said. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 15-16. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Resurrection

John Bunyan's portrait of a pastor. By: Boytim, Richard H.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 17-18. Subjects: Bunyan, John, 1628-1688; Clergy--Religious life

Reaching special people throughout the year. By: Coleman, Robert E.. 4 no 4 Ap 1985, p 19. Subjects: Volunteer service