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Battle continues for care of handicapped newborns. By: Vest, Yvonne. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 60. Subjects: Children with disabilities

Don't always trust the experts. By: Asvitt, Russell J.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 66. Subjects: Specialization

The Abortion Holocaust By: Albachten, Lora. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 40.

An interview with Tom Mahairas. By: Mahairas, Tom. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 42-45. Subjects: Mahairas, Tom; Evangelistic work--United States; Urbanization--Religious aspects

Noel Smith : editor and statesman. By: Bartlett, Billy V.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 46-48. Subjects: Smith, Noel, 1900-1974; Baptists--Biographies; Clergy--Biographies; Biographies

The Christian and citizenship. By: Smith, Noel. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 49-51. Subjects: Smith, Noel, 1900-1974; Sermons

Would we do it again. By: Rohr, Joan. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 52-53. Subjects: Missionaries, American; Missions--Brazil

Can salvation be lost. By: Sauer, Ronald. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 54+. Subjects: Bible. Hebrews 1-9; Salvation--Biblical teaching

Facts about our Heavenly Father. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 55. Subjects: God--Biblical teaching

Jeff Winstead, Harvest Baptist Church : insight into rapid church growth. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 57. Subjects: Winstead, Jeff; Harvest Baptist Church (Hagerstown, Md); Church growth

Ordered lives. By: Flynn, Tyler. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 58. Subjects: Scruton, Becky; Korean Air Lines

Communication Institute encourages Christians to apply faith. By: Pulliam, Russ. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 59. Subjects: Schaeffer, Francis A, 1912-1984; Secularization; United States--Religion

Think about it. By: Larson, Bob. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 18. Subjects: Fundamentalism

Abortion and the conscience of the nation. By: Reagan, Ronald. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 19-25. Abstract: The Supreme Court in 1973 set national policy as abortion on demand throughout pregnancy, but the Constitution contains no such right. Diminishing the value of one category of human life diminishes all. At issue is not the humanity of unborn and handicapped babies but the value of their lives. We must choose the sanctity of life we have always valued, not the quality of life. Either legislation or a constitutional amendment will restore the right to life. We must recognize the horror of abortion, the link with infanticide, and the sanctity of life of the unborn and the handicapped. We must continue alternatives to abortion. We cannot succeed without prayer. America must affirm the right to life of all human beings, without which no other rights have meaning. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Abortion--Law; Fetus; Law--United States

Go thou and do likewise. By: Thomas, Cal. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 26. Subjects: Abortion

Choose thou life. By: Hammersmark, Judy. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 28-29. Subjects: Abortion; Fetus; Pro-life movement

God-man : the two natures of Christ. By: Baker, Alvin L.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 30-33. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Natures

Russia : king of the north. By: Walvoord, John F. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 34-38. Subjects: Bible. Old Testament--Prophecies; Armageddon; Gog and Magog; Israel (Christian theology); Tribulation (Christian eschatology); Russia

A Harmony of the Words and Works of Jesus Christ By: Beck, Stephen P.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 39.

The Parables of Jesus By: Beck, Stephen P.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 39.

The Words and Works of Jesus Christ By: Beck, Stephen P.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 39.

Self-Esteem: The New Reformation By: Wiedeman, Robert. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 40-41.

Why Baptist Fundamentalism '84. By: Falwell, Jerry. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 8-9. Subjects: Baptist Fundamentalism '84, Washington, DC; Baptists--Congresses; Fundamentalism; Conference proceedings

Evangelical tolerance or all things to all men. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 10-11. Subjects: Fundamentalism

1984 : Orwell's time has come. By: Thomas, Cal. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 12-13. Subjects: Orwell, George, 1903-1950; English language; English literature--1900-1999; Totalitarianism

Child sacrifice to the modern Molech. By: Bray, Michael D.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 15-17. Subjects: Abortion--Law; Law--United States; Molech (Canaanite god); United States--Social conditions--1980-

Calling on God. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 3 no 1 Ja 1984, p 17. Subjects: Hebrew language--Terms--KR' (Root)